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Cylinder Cutout Vase

We love the shape, size and colors of these hand-made ceramic vases. Flowers are very easy to arrange in this vase. 6 1/2" tall. Featured in burnt orange, white and green. Also available in yellow, orange, turquoise, light blue, light grey and charcoal

Price: $96 each Qty:
SKU: 170124

Meduim Cutout Vase

We love the sophistication of this hand-made ceramic vase. 9" tall. Pictured in light blue. Also available in burnt orange, grey, light taupe and white.

Price: $130 Qty:
SKU: 170123

Bubbly Bud Vase

We love the shape and design of these hand-made ceramic bud vases. Available in three colors. 4" tall.

Price: $94 each Qty:
SKU: 170069

Bride and Groom "Happily" Vase

This hand-made ceramic wedding vase makes the perfect gift. 5" tall.

Price: $42 Qty:
SKU: 170110

Red Glass Dot Vase

We love the bold red color of this hand-made glass vase. Great with or without flowers. 6" tall.

Price: $168 Qty:
SKU: 130046